Somaliland court sentences eight pirates


A court in Berbera sentenced eight pirates to 15 years jail sentence each.

The Somaliland coastguards arrested the suspects in January after they discovered the group was planning to hijack ships off the Somaliland’s waters. They were captured with their speedboat and weapons that the court said they were using to carry out the operation.

Judge Osman Ibrahim announced the court’s decision after the hearing that continued since they were arrested. He said the suspects were found guilty and the court sentences them to 15 years in jail each.

Somaliland has been successful so far to combat pirates and to protect its waters from the piracy. Many pirates caught by Somaliland coastal guards are now in Jails.
“Without Somaliland, the pirates would operate in Djibouti and all the way to Sudan waters” Somaliland’s Minister of Planning said while speaking to a UN delegation.
“We are blocking them to do so. That means Somaliland maintains a strategic position in the region” he concluded.