Rwanda arrests soccer chief for attending World Cup


Rwanda has arrested the head of the national football federation, a senior army officer, for trying to attend the World Cup without seeking permission from his military superiors, an army spokesman said today.

Brigadier General Jean Bosco Kazura, a former top security advisor to Rwandan President Paul Kagame, travelled to South Africa earlier in the week but was recalled and arrested on Wednesday.
“He went to South Africa without asking for permission which we normally do as military officers. When he came back he was arrested because that is insubordination,” army spokesman Jill Rutaremara told Reuters.
“He was invited officially but that is no excuse.” He said the detention of the general, the head of training and operations in the Rwandan Defence Force (RDF), was not connected to an ongoing extradition plea for two other senior officers currently in exile in South Africa. Rwanda accuses the pair of corruption and links to a series of deadly grenade attacks in the capital Kigali. The World Cup tournament opens later on Friday.