Nigeria’s anti-corruption police arrest bank employee

Nigeria’s anti-corruption police arrested an employee at First City Monument Bank (FCMB) for stealing 12.5 million naira to pay for his wedding, an agency spokesperson said.
Olajide Ogundipe, who worked at FCMB’s Lokoja branch in central Kogi state since September 2008, confessed to stealing large amounts of cash each time he loaded ATM machines with money, the agency said.
“(Ogundipe) said he made the withdrawals, usually a minimum of 500 000 naira each time he loads the three ATM machines in Lokoja,” said Femi Babafemi, spokesperson for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
The agency said it had recovered 9 million naira from Ogundipe.
Corruption is endemic in Africa’s most populous nation, from policemen at checkpoints demanding bribes to senior government officials accused of embezzling millions of dollars.
Central Bank Governor Lamido Sanusi has made cleaning up the banking system in sub-Saharan Africa’s second biggest economy his top priority, sacking chief executives and directors from eight troubled banks in the last three months.
The EFCC has arrested and charged several of the bank heads after a bank bailout in which the central bank injected around 600 billion naira to rescue nine weakly-capitalised institutions.
FCMB was among 14 of Nigeria’s 24 banks that were given a clean bill of health by a sector-wide central bank audit.