Nigerian soldiers killed by IS


Islamic State said it killed 30 Nigerian soldiers in an attack in north-eastern Borno state, a claim disputed by the Nigerian Army.

A Nigerian Army spokesman said an attack on troops by insurgents in the Borno village of Logomani was repelled on Saturday and eight soldiers were hurt, none with life-threatening injuries.

In a statement issued through its news agency Amaq, Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on a village it referred to as Lomani.

Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA), which split from Islamist group Boko Haram in 2016, has carried out attacks in north-east Nigeria in the last few months.

Borno is worst hit by Islamist insurgents whose attacks on Nigerian military bases have made security a key campaign issue ahead of the presidential election on February 16.

“Eight of our troops were wounded and four have since been evacuated … while the other four are receiving treatment,” said the army spokesman.