Nigeria bridge bomb


At least 30 people were killed in the Nigerian state Borno after an improvised explosive device detonated on a bridge, sources told Reuters.

The bomb detonated at roughly 5 pm local time on a crowded bridge in the market town Gamboru leading to Cameroon.

Witnesses said more than 35 injured people were taken to the local hospital following the attack.

“It is an unfortunate day for us to witness this devastating incident in our community,” eyewitness Modu Ali Said told Reuters.

“I just heard a loud sound of explosions, before I realised I saw many friends and colleagues killed,” Said added.

A military spokesman said he would provide comment later.

Two sources with the Civilian Joint Task Force, a group of citizens formed to fight Boko Haram, confirmed the attack and early death toll estimates.

No group immediately took responsibility. Both Boko Haram and the regional offshoot of Islamic State, known as ISWAP, are active in the area.