Museum bags one-of-a-kind medal

The South African National Museum of Military History has taken possession of the only Honoris Crux Diamond Class decoration ever to be produced.
The rare medal was donated to the Museum by the Department of Defence.
The Honoris Crux series was South Africa`s premier set of gallantry decorations awarded to members of the former South African Defence Force between 1975 and 1991.
The Honoris Crux Diamond was the first of four classes, the other three being the Honoris Crux Gold, the Honoris Crux Silver and the Honoris Crux.
As the highest decoration, the Diamond Class was to be awarded to members of the South African Defence Force who distinguished themselves by performing deeds of outstanding valour at extreme risk to their lives.
Recipients would have carried the post-nominal titles HCD.
The decoration was never awarded and the example presented to the Museum is the only one of its kind to be struck.
The decoration consists of an eight pointed Maltese Cross superimposed on a wreath with crossed swords in the angles with a central roundel divided horizontally into orange/ white/ blue and with eight diamonds.
The ribbon is plain chilli red.
“The South African National Museum of Military History is proud to have been presented with this rare and significant item which forms part of our rich military heritage. It will be preserved for generations to come,” the museum says in a statement.