Mortar bombs found in Eastern Cape dam


Eastern Cape Police warned the Uitenhage community to guard against picking up or handing any strange or foreign objects recovered from the Strelitzia Dam.

This after two residents discovered two old and unused mortar bombs on Friday.

“They transported them not realising they could have fatal effects. It was later discovered the two mortar bombs were still live and could have detonated. The SAPS Bomb Disposal Unit from Port Elizabeth was informed and the mortars were deactivated,” said Uitenhage police spokesperson Captain Gerda Swart.

On Saturday, Swart said in a statement, a man was fishing at Strelitzia and a third live mortar bomb was discovered.

“The man unknowingly handled it. He notified police and the Bomb Disposal Unit was summoned to the scene and took possession. Dam levels have fallen over the last few months and it is believed this could be the reason for the discoveries,” reads the statement.

Police advise the public should they stumble on anything strange or anything resembling ammunition of any sort, not to handle or pick it up, immediately contact Uitenhage police on 041 9963434/36/38. When handled, these mortars can detonate with fatal consequences.

Police are consulting with the municipality to close the dam so a thorough search can be conducted by the Bomb Disposal Unit to ensure all mortar bombs are retrieved.