More coronavirus cases in Senegal


Senegalese authorities reported two new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to four since the first case was confirmed earlier this week.

Senegal is the only sub-Saharan African country beside Nigeria to confirm cases of the virus, which has infected more than 94 000 and killed over 3 200 around the world.

The health ministry said one of the new patients is the 68-year-old wife of the 80-year-old Frenchman from Paris whose case was confirmed on Wednesday. The couple arrived in Senegal on February 29.

The second patient is a 33-year-old British woman from London who arrived in Senegal on February 24, the ministry said.

The new patients are in stable condition at a hospital in Dakar and the earlier patients’ conditions are “evolving favourably”, it said.

Experts say it is not yet clear why sub-Saharan African countries register so few cases of the virus, which could challenge fragile health systems on the continent.