MISCA convoys now getting supplies safely to Bangui


The African Union-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) (MISCA) this week completed the escort of another 120 vehicles into Bangui, bringing to 1 205 the number of vehicles safely escorted to the strife-torn country’s capital since mid-December.

The heavy duty trucks carrying shipping containers with goods and humanitarian supplies from the Cameroon seaport of Douala to CAR moved along the now secure road linking Garoua Boulai in Cameroon with Bangui.

MISCA force commander Brigadier General Martin Tumenta said the road was now “completely secure”.

Security for this week’s convoy was provided by MISCA’s Burundi contingent led by Lieutenant Colonel Pontein Hakizimana, who was appreciative of the support given by people in the CAR.
“Since our arrival in CAR, the Burundian contingent has been welcomed by the population and I think commanders of other contingents would agree with me the co-operation of the civilian population has greatly facilitated our job of safely escorting these convoys and improving the security situation in the country, particularly in Bangui.
“During escort operations of the convoy which arrived this week our forces dismantled four illegal checkpoints and captured several anti-Balaka militiamen who are currently in custody. They will be handed to the CAR authorities, in accordance with international Human Rights and Humanitarian law. Overall, I think the escort operations have been successful,” he said.