Libya to send 260 prisoners home to Niger


Libya is allowing more than 260 prisoners from neighbouring Niger to return home, Libyan state news agency Jana reported. Some international organisations have assailed Libya for what they said was its harsh treatment of citizens of other African countries who end up in detention there, either as prisoners or illegal immigrants.

Last month, OPEC member Libya signed an agreement on judicial cooperation with the military junta running Niger, which is a major exporter of uranium. Reuters reports.
“The 111 prisoners from Niger had left Metigua airport (outside Tripoli) early today to return home under the judicial cooperation agreement between the two countries,” Jana reported yesterday.

Jana quoted a Libyan official as saying that 150 other prisoners from Niger was to have left Libya later on Monday.
“There are more prisoners from Niger in Libyan jails who are due to be returned home when the required procedures are completed,” Jana quoted an unnamed official as adding.

Jana gave no more details and did not say what the fate of 12 Niger citizens awaiting execution in Libya would be.