Joint US/Somali air strike


In co-ordination with the Somalia government, US Africa Command (Africom) conducted an air strike targeting al-Shabaab terrorists in the vicinity of Jilib, this week.

“Africom continues to assist the Somali government disrupting al-Shabaab,” said US Air Force Colonel Chris Karns, director of public affairs. “We remain committed to supporting our partners in our mutual fight against violent extremism.”

The command initial assessment concluded the strike killed one terrorist and wounded another. An al-Shabaab compound was destroyed.

Africom is aware of reports alleging civilian casualties resulting from this air strike and currently assesses no civilians were injured or killed.

As with any allegation of civilian casualties, Africom reviews reasonably available information about the incident. The Command complies with the law of armed conflict and takes all feasible precautions to minimise risk to civilians.