Ivory Coast election uncertainty bad for region : EU


Uncertainty created by the disputed presidential election in Ivory Coast endangers stability in the country and the region, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said.

“Last week, we have seen the unfolding of a story we have unfortunately seen too many times — the story of democratic elections where the results were not accepted by those who were defeated, thus putting at risk stability and peace in their country and the region,” Barroso told a development conference.
“I am referring to the situation in Ivory Coast,” he added. Incumbent Laurent Gbagbo was sworn in as president on Saturday even though Ivory Coast’s electoral commission had declared Alassane Ouattara the winner of the November 28 election, Reuters reports.

Ouattara has called for Gbagbo to step down and has named a rival government inside the country, which is the world’s largest producer of cocoa and was once an anchor of economic and political stability in West Africa.