Indian Navy continues to assist Mozambique post-Idai


The Indian Navy continues to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to Mozambique in the aftermath of cyclone Idai, with hundreds of people being rescued and thousands given medical treatment.

Last week the Indian Navy diverted three vessels – INS Sujatha, INS Shardul, and INS Sarathi – from its First Training Squadron to the city of Beira along the Mozambican coast.

According to the Indian Ministry of Defence, during the ongoing operations at Beira since 18 March, the ships have rescued more than 192 survivors from the Buzi area near Port Beira, which is cut off from the mainland. Three medical camps have been set up at Port Beira, Gaura-Gaurathe Island and Matadoura School, Imnhamizua and medical assistance has been provided to over 1500 affected people from the local population.

Indian Navy’s Chetak helicopter has undertaken a number of sorties in difficult conditions for evacuation of local personnel in coordination with local authorities and the UN Mission. In addition, it has also dropped relief material (food and water) including that provided by the World Food Programme.

Community services are being undertaken by the ships’ crew at affected locations like schools, churches, hospitals, orphanages in coordination with the local government officials. The ships have set up a community kitchen kept open 24×7 for the local populace including the workers at the port and 22 tons of fresh water has been provided to local authorities.

The humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations by the ships of the First Training Squadron are likely to continue at Port Beira until 30 March. Meanwhile, INS Shardul is en route to Maputo to embark relief material and will return to Beira by 28 March to disembark relief material and also supply provisions to Indian Navy ships. Meanwhile INS Magar, with relief stores being embarked at  Mumbai, is likely to depart for Beira on 27/ 28 March to alleviate the suffering of the cyclone affected population of Mozambique.