France advises nationals to leave Guinea

France has recommended to its nationals that they should leave Guinea because of an upsurge of violence in the West African country since the security forces brutally repressed an opposition demonstration on September 28.
“We advise strongly against travelling to Guinea and we recommend to French nationals present there to leave,” the Foreign Ministry said on its website.
A ministry spokesman said the number of French expatriates permanently based in Guinea was about 2500, although the precise figure was not known as they were not obliged to register with the French embassy there.
The spokesperson said there was no evacuation as such, and the government was simply recommending that people should leave by commercial flights such as a regular Air France service between Conakry and Paris, or flights to other African capitals.
“Following the repression by the army of a popular demonstration on September 28, which killed many Guineans, the security situation in Guinea has deteriorated,” the note on the ministry website said.
“Banditry, in particular armed robberies, have increased and there is no short-term prospect that the situation will improve,” it said, adding that armed robbers had started following expatriates in from the airport and attacking them on arrival at their homes.
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said yesterday he was investigating last month’s deadly crackdown on opponents of Guinea’s military ruler, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara.
At least 157 people were killed and 1200 injured when security forces attacked tens of thousands of protesters calling for Camara to step down.

Pic: Junta Leader- Capt Moussa Dadis Camara