Former Guinea-Bissau Navy Chief returns after failed coup


A former Guinea-Bissau Navy chief who fled the country after being implicated in a failed 2008 coup has returned and is staying at the United Nations office there, officials said. The officer, Rear Adm. Bubo Na Tchuto, returned from exile in nearby Gambia this week in a canoe and disguised as a fisherman, according to local media.

A statement on the Web site of the United Nations spokesperson said the former navy chief had arrived “unannounced” and asked for protection. “We have been in constant contact with the authorities in Guinea-Bissau in an effort to resolve this situation peacefully,” the statement added.

Admiral Na Tchuto’s return prompted a tightening of security, including increased road checks. He is wanted in connection with a failed coup attempt last year against former President João Bernardo Vieira, who was later killed by renegade soldiers.

Guinea-Bissau is now run by an elected government that is trying to stabilize the country.