Filipino and Indian workers evacuated from Libya to Malta


More than 1,000 Philippine and Indian workers were evacuated to Malta on Friday from Libya, whose parliament has sought United Nation help to protect civilians from fighting between armed factions.

Maltese harbour officials said Daewoo had chartered a catamaran for 300 mostly Indian workers from Zuwaytinah, south west of Benghazi, while the Philippine government chartered a ferry that brought in 804 Philippine workers and some workers of other nationalities.

The Filipinos will stay on the ferry in harbour until aircraft arrive later on Friday to fly them direct to Manila.

Earlier this week another Maltese catamaran evacuated Korean Hyundai workers from Libya to Malta.

Libya’s parliament voted on Wednesday to disband militia brigades and end the worst fighting between armed factions since the 2011 fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

But with Libya’s army still in formation, it was unclear how the new Congress would enforce its decision. Composed of ex-rebels who once fought Gaddafi, the brigades are heavily armed and allied with powerful political factions.