Disgraced former South Africa police chief Selebi dies


Former South African police commissioner Jackie Selebi, who was released on medical parole while serving a jail term after he was convicted for corruption has died, a local television station reported on Friday.

Selebi, 64, one of the most senior members of the ruling African National Congress party to be convicted for corruption, was paroled in 2012 after serving 229 days of his 15-year sentence. This prompted accusations that the party bends justice for the politically-connected.
“The ANC has confirmed that Selebi died at a Pretoria hospital,” television station ENCA said, without giving details.

Selebi, also a former head of the international police agency, Interpol, was found guilty of taking bribes from a convicted drug smuggler.

At the time of his parole, officials said Selebi had suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with kidney failure, hypertension and diabetes.