Deaths, injuries in Rwanda refugee camp


At least five refugees were killed and 20 injured at a camp in Rwanda after a protest over a cut in food rations turned violent, Rwandan police said. Seven policemen were injured.

Around 3,000 refugees camped outside United Nations offices at the camp since Tuesday. On Thursday police tried to disperse them using teargas, police spokesman Theos Badege told state radio.
“We used force yesterday after warning security forces would be used,” he said.
“They started throwing stones, pieces of metal and 20 refugees were injured and seven police officers. Five refugees died.”

Fifteen refugees were arrested, the police said on their Twitter account.

The refugees from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo left their camp in Kiziba and walked to Karongi, in western Rwanda, to protest against a 25% cut implemented last month in rations provided by UNHCR. The camp houses 17,000 Congolese.

Rwanda hosts about 174,000 refugees, including 57,000 people from Burundi who fled violence in 2015. Most of the rest fled the Democratic Republic of Congo during bouts of instability there over the past 20 years.

In January, UNHCR said it was cutting rations due to funding shortages.

It said its funding appeal of 2018 for Rwanda of $98.8 million was only two percent funded and the World Food Programme warned of more cuts if its monthly requirements of $2.5 million were not met.