Clan clashes in Somaliland kill more than 50


Fighting between clans in Somalia’s breakaway Somaliland region killed more than 50 a witness at the scene and an official in neighbouring Puntland said.

“There was fierce clan fighting yesterday and today. Over 50 people died but they have not been buried because fighting is still going on,” Ahmed Ismail told Reuters from Dhumey village.
“The injured are dying of blood loss because there are no hospitals,” he said, adding some were taken to hospitals further away.

Dhumey is in an area controlled by Somaliland, but claimed by Puntland for years.
“We understand 51 people died and 120 others were injured in fighting, with clans exchanging heavy weapons fire for the second day,” Abdullahi Ali Hirsi, interior minister of Puntland, told Reuters.
“It is unfortunate other clan militias equipped and paid by Somaliland sided with the fighting clans. We call for ceasefire and urge clan elders to stop the war and participate in a peace conference to be held by Puntland.”

Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991 and operates as an independent state but does not have international recognition.