CBC to talk investment

The Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) will be hosting an Africa Investment Forum (AIF) at Gallagher Estate in Midrand in November that will discuss a variety of human security issues, including the global food crisis.  
Conference organiser Kim Smith says the event, scheduled for 18 and 19 November will provide a platform “to bring investors and projects together to enhance African trade and investment and to build new business partnerships.”
Smith says the focus will be on strengthening linkages between African economies as a means to promote new investment, featuring specific discussions on key economic sectors including:
·         Managing investment and revenues in natural resources,
·         The role of major companies in stimulating SME and community development,
·         Improving access to finance for the bottom of the economic pyramid,
·         Improving investment and management of infrastructure projects,
·         Trade finance and facilitation,
·         Tackling the food crisis – investment in agriculture,
·         Information and communications technology, and 
·         Responding to the opportunities of the SADC free trade zone.
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