Canadians kidnapped in Ghana rescued


Ghana forces rescued two Canadian women kidnapped last week outside their hostel in Kumasi, the Ghanaian government said in a statement.

The women, aged 19 and 20, were volunteers for Canadian charity Youth Challenge International (YCI).

YCI named the two volunteers as Lauren Tilley and Bailey Chitty. It said they were receiving emotional and psychological support and were physically unharmed.

Global Affairs Canada spokesman Guillaume Berube said government was relieved the two Canadians were released and thanked the government of Ghana for its co-operation. Consular officials were providing support for Tilley and Chitty and for their families.

Officials at Ghana’s Information Ministry said five Ghanaians and three Nigerians were taken into custody and no ransom was paid for the release. There was no foreign involvement in the rescue operation, CBC reported.

Kidnappings were rare in Ghana until a spate of abductions late last year, most for ransom. They are more common in other parts of West Africa, especially Nigeria.

An Indian national was kidnapped and rescued in Kumasi last month, local media reported.