Cameroon football star tackles plastic flooding menace


Roger Milla, who earned international fame for his World Cup goal celebrations, is now tackling flooding with a scheme to turn plastic blocking Cameroon’s drains into building blocks.

Milla’s Coeur d’Afrique (Heart of Africa) is paying unemployed young people to collect the plastic which blocks drains and exacerbates flooding in Cameroon, with the waste then turned into slabs to be used instead of concrete.
“When it rains, the river floods and plastic bottles come all the way to our houses. They also cause us to get sick and they also emit a foul smell,” Eveline Massock, a resident of Cameroon’s largest city, Douala, told Reuters.

Cities in Cameroon, including capital Yaounde, have seen some of the worst flooding on record in the past two years.

This has prompted Coeur d’Afrique, in collaboration with local councils and a garbage collection company, to employ 300 young people in Yaounde to collect plastic. They work three days a week for 2,500 cfa ($5) a day.

Slabs made from recovered plastic have already been used in construction projects in Yaounde, including a national handball sports facility.
“It’s a good project for the future of our country, especially when it comes to the fight against pollution,” Coeur d’Afrique director general Arsel Etoundi told Reuters.
“It’s also good because this is a source of revenue and job creation for young Cameroonians”, he added.

Milla (65) won over fans in the 1990 World Cup in Italy with his outlandish celebratory goal-scoring dances and then became the oldest World Cup goalscorer at the age of 42 in 1994.