Burkina Faso court rescinds warrant against ex-President Compaore


A court of appeals in Burkina Faso has rescinded a series of international arrest warrants, including those against deposed leader Blaise Compaore and neighbouring Ivory Coast’s parliament speaker, a senior court official said on Thursday.

A military tribunal in Burkina Faso investigating the murder of former President Thomas Sankara nearly three decades ago as well as a failed coup that took place last September had issued a total of 18 international warrants in December and January.

However, the appeals court public prosecutor, Armand Ouedraogo, said the tribunal had failed to follow proper procedure when issuing the warrants.
“The military court can take these warrants back and correct them,” Ouedraogo said.

Sankara, an African folk hero, disappeared and is believed to have been killed during the 1987 coup that brought Compaore to power.

Compaore himself was ousted in 2014 by crowds opposing his bid to change the West African nation’s constitution and extend his 27-year rule.

Ivory Coast granted him citizenship and he currently resides there.

Members of an elite unit loyal to Compaore attempted a coup against the transitional government that replaced him in September, but the putsch was put down by the regular army.

One of a series of recorded telephone conversations later linked Guillaume Soro, a former rebel leader who is now the speaker of Ivory Coast’s parliament, to the coup attempt. He has denied any involvement.