Bullets used to break up Sierra Leone rally

Three people died and 11 more were injured yesterday when police in Sierra Leone’s capital Free Town used live ammunition to break up a demonstration about crime levels.
The crowds were demonstrating against what they said is the police force’s inability to curb crime.

At least one of the dead and most of the injured were hit by live ammunition used by the police officers in the Rotifunk neighbourhood, a hospital source said.

The demonstration highlights simmering frustrations in large sections of the West African state’s population, despite an overall return to stability since the end of a 1991-2002 war.
“(The) dead are three, the injured are 11,” Chris Charly, Sierra Leone’s assistant inspector general were killed or injured of police, told Reuters without giving any details of how people were harmed and injured.

 A Reuters witness said the police brought in armed reinforcements when mobs threatened to torch a police station.

Pic: Sierra Leone- Free Town troops