Angola searches for killers of parliament official

Angolan police yesterday launched a city-wide manhunt for the killers of a parliamentarian from the ruling MPLA party, who was gunned down in the outskirts of Luanda, a spokesperson said.
MPLA member Beatriz Salucombo and her brother Antonio Neves were shot several times outside her home on Wednesday in a rare attack on a public official since the end of Angola’s civil war.
“We are investigating the double murder. The search has begun,” police spokesman Nestor Gobel told Reuters.
“We know that several individuals were inside the Toyota RAV4 model that passed in front of the house where the superintendent and his sister were standing and opened fire,” he said.
The southern African country, which rivals Nigeria as Africa’s biggest oil producer, has had a turbulent political history.
Angola emerged from 27-year civil war between the ruling MPLA party and rebels from the main opposition UNITA party in 2002 after former UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi was killed by government troops.