AfDB drafts climate change business plan


The African Development Bank (AfDB) has drafted a business plan to deal with climate change in Africa that will cost about $5-billion to impliment.

Engineering News this morning reported that the AfDB would finance about 30% to 40% of the needed funds, but would require collaboration with other co-financing partners and governments.

One main focus is agricultural water development, with the aim of developing an area up to 500 000 hectares. This would include new areas under full control of water, rehabilitation and modernisation of existing schemes, development of community and private driven small-scale irrigation, and development of areas under partial control of water in lowlands and flood plains.

Another key focus areas is water storage enhancement – to develop infrastructure to increase water storage capacity in Africa by, at least, 1% for multi-purpose use – to irrigate 760 000 ha and generate 1200 MW of hydropower.

The AfDB plans to kick-start further implementation of its business plan by spending $135-million for the first four years on its Climate for Development in Africa Programme (ClimDev-Africa).

AfDB chief water resources engineer Dr Heshman Candil says climate change poses a serious threat to poverty reduction and the achievement of sustainable development. “The limited capacity to generate and use appropriate climate information has been identified as a major impediment to addressing climate change concerns in the continent.”

Pic: A SAAF Oryx medium utility helicopter at low level over water