Youths arrested in for opposing fresh term for Museveni


Ugandan police arrested 10 youths staging an illegal rally to oppose a planned constitutional amendment to allow President Yoweri Museveni, one of the world’s longest serving rulers, to run for a fresh term.

Police spokesman Emirian Kayima said they were detained in Kampala as they mobilised support and distributed fliers with messages opposed to the amendment.
“They were involved in an illegal assembly. They did not inform police ahead of time they were going to hold a rally,” he told Reuters, adding they were being questioned and would be taken to court.

Museveni (73) came to power in 1986 and is barred from seeking re-election under a law limiting presidential candidates to 75 years of age and under.

The next presidential election is in 2021.

Plans are underway to change the constitution so Museveni can be eligible, a move that has stirred anger.

Critics say Museveni uses the security forces to maintain power. Opposition leaders and activists are often jailed, rallies and meetings are often banned and some are broken up with teargas and beatings.

Museveni has not said whether he intends to stand again and officials say the removal of the age cap is for the benefit of future leaders and not Museveni specifically.