Vumacam ‘nabs’ alleged fraudsters, armed robbers and vehicle thieves


A recently announced public-private partnership between tech company, Vumacam, and the Gauteng government to combat crime in the province has led to “numerous successes.”

In February Gauteng premier, Panyaza Lesufi, entered into a memorandum of understanding with Vumacam to gain access to almost 7 000 of their CCTV cameras spread across the province.

Vumacam’s network scans and flags between 20 000 and 40 000 vehicle number plates of interest every day – and flags whether the vehicle has been used in the commission of a crime, leading to between 10 and 15 interceptions and arrests daily.

Vumacam told ProtectionWeb their artificial intelligence technology makes use of algorithms to detect suspicious or unusual behaviour, which is then fed into their central monitoring control room.

“This can be anything from a tree falling across the road to someone jumping over a wall, hitting/punching or attacking someone. This eliminates reliance on human observation and creates a far more encompassing and successful rate of detection. Skilled monitoring teams assess flagged incidents rather than constantly observing feeds.”

“Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras detect license plates that have been placed on the Vehicles-of-Interest Database and flag these when passing our cameras – this allows monitoring units to send on-the-ground teams to investigate where they deem there to be a crime in progress, suspicious vehicle, or they suspect a crime is about to take place.”

“The network effect of multiple cameras being used across multiple locations within Gauteng, allows for broader surveillance and the ability to pursue criminals across multiple areas of the province, where vehicles detected in one area may be flagged when passing through another.”

Vumacam said its use of dark screen technology results in non-invasive surveillance but rather, precise and AI-driven surveillance that is rigorous in its protection of data and privacy.

There have been numerous successes since the start of their partnership with the government.

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