Suspected jihadists arrested in Senegal


Senegalese police said they arrested three suspected foreign jihadists in the capital Dakar, the second such arrests this year.

Two Moroccans were taken into custody on March 29 for alleged ties to Islamic State, the police said in a statement, while a Nigerian was arrested on April 1 as he left the Nigerian embassy, on suspicion of recruiting for Boko Haram.

The Nigerian recently arrived in Senegal after two months in neighbouring Mauritania, the statement said. It added the men, whose names were not provided, were being detained while a prosecutor examined evidence against them.

Authorities arrested two suspected jihadists from Mali and Mauritania in February. Police said the Malian had been in contact with the mastermind of an attack on an Ivory Coast hotel last year that killed 18 people.

The attack was one of several in the region viewed as targeting France and its allies, including Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, after Paris intervened militarily in Mali in 2013 to drive out al Qaeda-linked militants who seized the desert north a year earlier.

Senegal has to date been spared jihadi attacks like those plaguing its eastern neighbour Mali, but authorities are on high alert.