SAPS looking to bring back retired “bobbies”


The SA Police Service (SAPS) wants retired policemen back to “improve staffing levels, fight crime and keep South Africans safe”.

This is according to a statement this week which has it the service is “giving an opportunity to trained and skilled police officers, who left honourably in the ranks of constable, sergeant and warrant officer, to re-enlist”.

The call to former policemen is because retirement and what the statement says is “human resource management continuing with other means of recruitment”.

Those wanting to contribute could find themselves, if their applications are successful, in specialised units such as family violence, child protection and sexual offences, public order policing or “newly established units including taxi violence, cold case investigation and murder and robbery”.

SAPS appeals to former officers who left with clean records to return to the ranks of crime fighters.

There is a list of 12 requirements to be met before applications will be considered. They include undergoing psychological assessment, not having any tattoos, declared unfit to possess a firearm and have no criminal convictions.

Old policemen who will not be considered for re-employment include those at retirement age, left due to ill-health or severance package and who have either a disciplinary enquiry and/or criminal proceedings pending.