SAPS, Altech partner to maintain Tetra network


The South African Police Service (SAPS) has entered into a three-year contract with Altech Group that will see the latter maintain and upgrade its Tetra radio network in Gauteng.

Altech subsidiary Altech Alcom Matomo will be responsible for providing the SAPS with Motorola two-way communications equipment, upgrading the Tetra infrastructure and software, and ongoing maintenance of the radio network.
“Good communications are critical for the South African Police Service to do its work properly and efficiently. Officers on the ground need to be in constant communication with their stations via in-vehicle and handheld radios, using a network that is always secure and reliable,” says Tim Ellis, Altech Group executive director.
“Tetra provides them with that platform – but it is essential that the network is up to date, well-maintained and serves their requirements. This is where Altech comes in, to ensure officers in Gauteng have the communications resources they require at all times,” he adds.

Altech notes that the contract – which was signed at the end of 2012 following a lengthy tender process – has delivered an order to Altech for hardware and software upgrades, and monthly network maintenance.

Ellis says he is proud of the department’s commitment to implement world-class infrastructure to maintain law and order.

According to Ellis, it is vital for the private sector to support the police in their efforts to combat crime in SA.
“It is unrealistic to expect our police service to address crime on its own. Just as police officers on the ground need the active support and assistance of the public to address and prevent crimes, so SAPS as an organisation needs the unwavering support of the private sector to meet its infrastructural and operational requirements.
“The Altech Group is thus thrilled to become a partner of SAPS, and have the opportunity to offer world-class expertise and service to our men and women in blue in Gauteng, South Africa’s commercial and industrial heartland.
“By providing them with the communication tools they need, and ensuring that the Tetra network is fully functional at all times, we are an active participant in efforts to make the province a better and safer place for all its citizens – and that, truly, is something to be proud of,” Ellis concludes.