SANDF assists police in Mbekweni, Paarl East


The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has assisted the South African Police Service (SAPS) with the enforcement of the Disaster Management Act in Mbekweni and Paarl East in the Western Cape.

Both Mbekweni and Paarl East of the Winelands Cluster were identified as areas where citizens are not compliant to the lockdown regulations, the SANDF said. The taxi industry still operates outside the regulated time frames; citizens freely move around and do not adhere to lockdown regulations or produce any valid reasons for their movement; there is no social distancing between citizens at shopping centres and shops still selling cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

To mitigate the impact on the health of all citizens in the Winelands area of Paarl, the South African Police Service in conjunction with the South African National Defence Force launched an integrated operation to address the non-compliance to the lockdown instruction in identified hotspots in the Western Cape.

Platoon 3 and Platoon 4 of Charlie Company under the command of Captain K. Bareki and Sub Lieutenant L.W. Nhlapo deployed with the SA Police Service from Mbekweni and Paarl East to conduct Vehicle Control Points and high visibility patrols by means foot and vehicle patrols in Paarl on 22 April. There were 79 members with 11 vehicles deployed from the SA National Defence Force and 101 members with 28 vehicles from SAPS and Provincial Traffic and Law Enforcement.

During the operation, a member of the public was arrested for being in possession of stolen property and a number of people were fined for flouting lockdown regulations.