Rwanda genocide highlights need for vigilance: Obama


US President Barack Obama marked the 16th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, saying the occasion shows “we must renew our commitment and redouble our efforts” to prevent similar atrocities.

“We devote our thoughts to those who were lost and honor those who survived,” Obama said in a statement released by the White House.
“More than 800 000 men, women, and children were killed and countless others continue to live with the pain and trauma of their memories and their loss. It is not enough to say ‘never again.’ We must renew our commitment and redouble our efforts to prevent mass atrocities and genocide.”

Obama said the United States “is committed to its partnership with Rwanda and will continue to support efforts to promote sustainable development, respect for human rights, and sustainable peace in Rwanda and the region.”

In 1994, an estimated 800 000 people, most of them ethnic Tutsis, were killed in the Rwanda genocide planned and carried out by ethnic Hutu extremists.

Pic: 1994 Rwanda genocide victims

Sources: and AFA