Police “quietly reduce” crime-fighting targets


The Parliamentary opposition Democratic Alliance says it has learned from the National Treasury that the police have “quietly” reduced its crime fighting targets.

Party police shadow minister Dianne Kohler Barnard says the police portfolio learned at a budget workshop this week that the SA Police Service “has quietly reduced their violent crime reduction target from the previous 7-10% to 4-7% as a consequence of not being able to achieve the needed results.”

The pugnacious MP says this “is a clear-cut admission of defeat. Aiming to achieve a 4-7% reduction in violent crime, in a country facing one of the highest crime rates in the world, is utterly sub-standard; it is a move that has no doubt been sparked by the very disappointing crime statistics revealed in the third quarter of last year, but it is also a move that demonstrates a chronic lack of ambition.
“The fact that this admission was made not by the minister or commissioner, but rather by a National Treasury official at a relatively obscure briefing, also says a great deal about how the … administration continues to play public relations games with the media and the public. The [governing African National Congress] will try, with great fanfare, to show their crime-fighting credentials by talking up populist issues like the so-called ‘shoot to kill’ amendment to section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act (after it had served its purpose of creating media headlines, the Police Minister quietly admitted that no significant change was being planned to section 49 at all). Now we see a really important announcement buried away in a budget vote workshop,” Kohler Barnard fumed.

Pic: Police arrest a rugs suspect in a Johannesburg neihbourhood.