Police appoint new detective chief


The National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, General Bheki Cele has appointed Major General Vineshkumar Moonoo, 50, as Divisional Commissioner of the SAPS Detective Service, with the rank of Lieutenant General, with effect from today.

Major General Moonoo is a career police officer who underwent police training in 1981 at the Wentworth Police College. He became a detective in 1984 in Kliptown and spent the following 27 years working his way up through the ranks in the detective environment. Moonoo became an officer in 1987 and a Major General in 2002 when he was appointed Component Head of Organised Crime.

The police in a statement say Moonoo “is vastly experienced as a detective, both as an investigator and as a commander and was therefore the ideal candidate for the post of divisional commissioner. He has a National Diploma in Police Administration.

Meanwhile, Major General Cynthia Binta, 51, has been appointed as the Provincial Commissioner of the Eastern Cape with the rank of Lieutenant General, also with effect from August 1. Major General Binta is the fourth woman to be appointed at the helm of policing in a province.

Coincidentally, Major General Binta, as with Moonoo, joined the police in 1981 and became a Major General in 2002. Binta served in various divisions of the police, including several years in the communication and community policing environment during the nineties. In March 2002 she was appointed as a Deputy Provincial Commissioner in Limpopo where she excelled as a manager.

Binta also studied whilst moving up through the ranks and attained a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Pretoria in 1999. Due to her vast policing experience, Major General Binta was awarded the post of Provincial Commissioner of the Eastern Cape after competing in a selection and appointment process.
“Congratulations to both Major Generals Binta and Moonoo on their appointments. I hold both members in high regard and I am sure they will perform optimally and use their experience and skills to guide those under their command in order to prevent and combat crime”, said national commissioner General Bheki Cele.