Parliamentary Question: Prisons: Cost of new prison at Van Rhynsdorp



Mr J Selfe (DA) to ask the Minister of Correctional Services:-
1.Whether a new correctional centre is being constructed in Van Rhynsdorp, if so (a) when did the construction start; (b) when was the construction planned to be completed; (c) when is the construction now due to be completed and what is the cause of the delay;

2.(a) Who is the contractor for this facility; (b) what was the initial contract price; (c) what is the current contract price; (d) what is the reason for this escalation of cost;
3.How many inmates will the centre be able to accommodate when completed and by when can it be expected that the facility will be completed?



The construction of Van Rhysdorp is under the auspices of the Department of Public Works.
1.(a) Construction commenced on 12 October 2007
(b) It was planned to be completed by the 11 October 2009
(c) It is expected to be complete by the 15 December 2010
2.(a) The contractor is Vusela Construction Pty Ltd
(b) The initial contract price was R192 756 473-64
(c) The current contract price is R275 065 024-89
(d) The reasons provided are;
– inflation due to multi-year contract period
– remote location of the site
– rising transport costs
3.The centre will be able to accommodate 530 offenders upon completion and the expected date of completion is 15 December 2010.