Over 1.2 million calls to Gauteng 10111 line dropped in a year


Over 1.2 million calls to Gauteng’s police emergency call centre were “dropped” from 1 March 2023 and 1 March this year.

In a recent parliamentary reply, South African Police Service (SAPS) national commissioner General Fannie Masemola revealed that the most number of dropped calls in the country were to the 10111 Command Centre in Midrand.

During that period, over 4.1 million calls were made to the emergency line in Midrand.

At the time, dropped calls to other centres in the country were between 9500 and over 360000.

Masemola explained in his reply that the system registered dropped calls as abandoned calls.

“In terms of the CISCO manual, an abandoned call is considered abandoned if it is not answered by an agent or the caller hangs up before being connected to an agent or the call is disconnected. This includes situations where the caller hangs up while queued and waiting. A high number of abandoned calls might be an indication that callers are waiting in the queue due to reasons further explained below.”

“Abandoned calls can also include silent voice calls, a false report, a prank call, misdialled calls, misrouted calls, alternate routed calls, medical and other emergencies and crime related emergencies.”

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