Operation O Kae Molao nabs multiple suspects


Joint forces across Gauteng have conducted a multi-disciplinary, intelligence-driven Operation O Kae Molao which led to the closure of an illegal liquor outlet and the arrest of the owner.

“Information was received about an illegal liquor outlet that is operating throughout day and night, in contravention of the Gauteng Liquor Board as well as the COVID-19 Lockdown Level One regulations.

“Complaints were received from the residents of the area relating to noise coming from the liquor outlet,” the South African Police Service (SAPS) said.

Led by Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko and the Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, the integrated law enforcement team also conducted roadblocks where two cars reported stolen in Witbank and Ekangala were recovered.

A further five undocumented persons were taken in for processing by Immigration Officers of the Department of Home Affairs.

Still in Tshwane, police arrested 275 suspects during the tracing of wanted suspects.

“Joint operations by South African Police Service in Ekurhuleni, Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department, Gauteng Traffic Police, Environmental Health and other stakeholders led to the arrest of 256 suspects for possession of drugs, dealing in drugs, selling liquor without a licence, murder, rape, fraud and robbery, amongst other crimes.

“Fines to the value of R113 900 were issued to motorists who failed to obey traffic rules and alcohol, dagga and drugs were seized.

“Operation O Kae Molao resulted in the arrest of 160 suspects in the West Rand,” the SAPS said.

The operations which comprised the South African Police Service, Gauteng/ Merafong Traffic, Department of Community Safety, Merafong and Harmony security companies, were conducted in the form of roadblocks, tracing of wanted suspects, raiding of second-hand goods dealerships and liquor outlets.

“Amongst the suspects, were those arrested for murder, house and armed robbery, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, rape and violent crimes.

“Road traffic fines to the value of R47 300 were issued,” the SAPS said.

Joint law-enforcement agencies also conducted Operation O Kae Molao within Sharpville and Boipatong at Sedibeng District.

“During the operation 89 suspects were arrested for committing crimes such as driving a motor vehicle without a licence, possession of drugs, illegal Immigrants, selling illicit cigarettes as well as selling liquor without licence.

“The combined fines issued totalled to R27 700, the items seized by police included cartons of illicit cigarettes and drugs amongst other items,” the SAPS said.

In the Johannesburg District, South African Police Service members and other law enforcement agencies recovered in an intelligence-driven operation, stolen copper cables worth about R15 million.

“Police also arrested 233 suspects for crime ranging from dealing in drugs, theft, fraud, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and fraud. Police further confiscated illicit cigarettes, dagga and dangerous weapons.”

Arrested suspects will appear at different magistrates’ court in due course.

“We promise that Operation O Kae Molao will continue in Gauteng as long as the safety and security of the community is threatened,” the SAPS said.