Mozambique police deny report of al Qaeda camps


Mozambique police dismissed a South African newspaper report saying the country was home to al Qaeda training camps that could launch an attack on the World Cup.

South Africa could be hit by a militant attack during the tournament that starts on June 11, South Africa’s Sunday Times said in a report on Sunday, quoting an investigative group and other sources.

The paper quoted the director of the NEFA Foundation, which investigates possible terrorist activities, as saying that Pakistani and Somali militants were running training camps in northern Mozambique and their trainees may have already crossed into South Africa.

A spokesperson for Mozambique’s police dismissed the report at a news conference yesterday.
“It’s impossible that a terrorist group might have established such camps here,” said Pedro Cossa.

South African officials have long said the country’s non-aligned status and a lack of substantial local support for militant groups should insulate it from attacks during the June 11-July 11 event.