Man killed in Tunisian town tribal clash


A man was killed and several people were injured in tribal clashes in Tunisia’s central town of Metlaoui, sources said, the second deadly round of violence in the north African country in less than a week.

Tunisia has been struggling to restore stability since mass protests ousted president Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali on January 14 after 23 years in power.

The clashes in Metlaoui, some 350 kilometres south of Tunis, came days after a young woman was killed and several people were wounded in Sbeitla when soldiers opened fire to break up street fighting that involved hundreds of people, Reuters reports.

The reason for Monday’s clashes was unclear but a resident said groups of people had taken to the streets armed with hunting rifles and stones after a dispute had started between two families.
“Several people were wounded,” resident Hedi Radaoui said, without giving a number.

A medical source at Metlaoui hospital said a young man had died from a gunshot wound from a hunting rifle. Security forces were now heavily deployed in the town, a security source added.
“The security forces dispersed the crowd using tear gas,” a security source said.

Since Ben Ali was ousted, interim authorities have struggled to restore stability in Tunisia, which is preparing to hold its elections to a constitutional assembly in late October.