Killing police is “treason” – Parliamentary Committee


Francois Beukman, chairman of Parliament’s Police Portfolio Committee, wants to see “the highest judicial sanction possible” for police killings and torching of police stations, actions he maintains are high treason.

The Committee is of the view that attacks on the law enforcement fraternity and facilities in the last 72 hours should be dealt with by the SA Police Service swiftly and directly he said in a statement earlier this week.
“Perpetrators should be arrested and face the full wrath of the law. We will support all steps within the legislative framework to secure and protect law enforcement officers and property of the state.”

Beukman was reacting to the killing of a police officer outside his home in Bloemfontein on Sunday and the torching of a SAPS satellite station in Overstrand, Western Cape, on Monday.
“The committee is saddened by another senseless killing of a policeman,” he said calling on “any and all members of the community to help police find and arrest the perpetrators of these heinous crimes”.
“We trust the National Commissioner (General Khehla Sitole) will ensure all the necessary resources are made available to the team investigating the attack.
“Torching and damaging police stations and satellite stations is hugely detrimental to communities, because it directly affects the ability of the police to deal with crime effectively. Damage to police stations means resources meant for building new ones and upgrading existing stations will be negatively affected.”

Beukman called on community leaders to ensure police infrastructure and facilities do not became the target of criminals and arsonists.
“Police stations are there to serve all citizens and should never be used as a tool for short-term gain.”