Hyperbole for new police deputy


Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa says his new deputy Makhotso Magdalene Sotyu, is as “gutsy, committed and hard-working replacement” as her predecessor, Fikile Mbalula, the new sport and recreation minister.

“Naturally, women are caring, compassionate and soft individuals at heart. But we want to warn those scoundrels out there who may think she [Sotyu] is a softie that they better watch out,” Mthethwa said in a statement. “In Deputy Minister Sotyu, we have acquired a stalwart and a hard worker, who just like her predecessor, hates crime with passion. Therefore, ‘die poppe sal nog dans’ [trouble is coming].”

Mthethwa stressed that Mbalula’s departure would not affect the police’s crime fighting efforts, adding that Sotyu was a worthy replacement, the state BuaNews agency added. “We are excited to welcome Sotyu to our family, a family that has one clear motto: to defeat crime. We are confident that her long career spanning from being involved in various parliamentary committees including the Portfolio Committees on Water and Environment as well as police, will stand her in good stead in her new role,” he said.

Mthethwa, who reportedly clashed with Mbalula behind the scenes, laid on the praise and wished him well in his new position, the South African Press Association reported. “His hatred for crime and willingness to serve the nation is what nurtured his commitment during his tenure in the ministry,” said Mthethwa. “He inspired most of our police officers to carry their work with commitment, despite the challenging conditions they at times found themselves.”

He also congratulated Mbalula on his appointment and acknowledged the former deputy minister’s contribution to the Police Ministry. “Minister Mbalula has played an indelible role in our Ministry’s success and mission of dealing a blow to crime. As my deputy, he was instrumental in helping me steer the policy direction of SAPS and particularly ensuring that we achieve our mission, which is to ensure that all South Africans are, and feel safe.”

Mthethwa praised Mbalula for being an inspiration to police officers and wished him well on behalf of SAPS staff and management. He said Mbalula would take to the sporting fraternity, the same vigour and commitment he displayed in the policing sphere.