Hundreds protest in Cairo over police shooting


Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Cairo security directorate on Thursday night after a policeman shot dead a man in the street in the latest outburst of anger over alleged police brutality in Egypt.

A statement from the Cairo security directorate said the policeman had shot dead a driver after an argument and was forced to flee a mob of local people who attempted to catch and kill him. Police later found the policeman.

Footage posted on social media showed hundreds of people massing outside the security directorate to protest the death.

The incident comes amid mounting public anger over alleged police brutality. Last week, thousands of doctors held a rare protest against police they say beat two doctors at a Cairo hospital for refusing to falsify medical records.

Earlier this month, the body of a missing Italian graduate student was found on the outskirts of Cairo showing signs of torture, including electrocution. Activists said the injuries had the hallmarks of Egyptian security services. The Interior Ministry has denied allegations of involvement in the death.

Anger over perceived police excesses helped fuel the 2011 revolt that ended Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule and began on a Police Day holiday.