Govt “intolerant of any illegality”


The Justice, Crime Prevention and Security (JCPS) Cluster is intolerant of any illegality within its ranks which undermine efforts to render quality services to communities, says chairman Jeff Radebe.

“This includes corruption, theft of equipment, interference with evidence intended for trial purposes as well as collusion with criminals.” Radebe is also Justice and Constitutional Development minister. “The Cluster has compiled a report with a view to understand the nature and extent of illegality within its ranks and will be developing proper targets on this based on this report,” he said.

In the last year, 192 officials in the JCPS cluster were criminally charged with corruption; 86 of them were convicted; 296 of them were put through departmental disciplinary processes for misconduct, the state BuaNews agency reports.
“The Protection of State Information Bill, once passed into law, will amongst others, regulate the manner in which the state information is protected, and promote transparency and accountability in governance while recognising that state information may be protected from disclosure in order to safeguard the national interest of the Republic, a view the media and civil society, trade unions and business do not share
“This Bill will provide for a thorough and methodological approach to the determination of which state information may be protected. In addition, it will criminalise espionage and activities hostile to the Republic and provide for certain other offences and penalties,” he added.

Officials who manipulate the classification of state information to hide corrupt activities will themselves be guilty of a criminal offence and will be dealt with harshly in terms of this proposed legislation added Radebe.