FF+ leader on Black Monday protest


Freedom Front Plus (FF+) leader Dr Pieter Groenewald told a hurriedly called Parliamentary debate on murder that every murder in South Africa was “one too many” but farm murders particularly, impacted on national food security.

The told the National Assembly the world statistic for murder was 6,4 per 100 000 of population. In South Africa it is, according to figures released last month by Police minister Fikile Mbalula, 34,3 per 100 000.
“The chances of being murdered in South Africa are around five times greater than the world average,” he said stressing both he and his party were of the opinion every murder in the country was one too much.

Turning to other contact crime, he said carjacking, residential robberies and other robberies showed an increase for the fifth consecutive year. Carjacking was up 77,5% and both types of robbery up an average 38%.
“We find ourselves in a violent country,” he said emphasising farm murders because they have a bearing on “everyone”.
“Whether you are white, black, brown or Indian you have to eat. If there aren’t any farmers, there will not be food on your table. Every murdered farmer has a direct impact on you,” he told MPs.
“The Police Minister maintains I am making farm murders a political matter. He is wrong. Farm murders are supposed to be a priority crime in South Africa because they are inextricably linked to food security.”

He said Mbalula should follow the example of his Cabinet colleague tasked with overseeing agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
“Minister Senzeni Zokwana this week asked people to pray for farmers and their workers.
“Contrastingly, the Police Minister spreads fake news on social news. He also spreads photos of the old South African flag. This is false and had nothing to do with the protest on Monday.
“The protest could almost be said to be a spontaneous one because it was not organised by any political party. Government needs to take notice because farmers and people of all races are saying ‘enough is enough,” Groenewald said urging Minister Mbalula to refrain from politicising the issue.