DRC and UN launch stabilization and recovery fund

The United Nations and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have launched a fund to help the vast country recover from years of devastating civil war that ended earlier this decade, and continuing strife in its eastern provinces that has displaced more than a million people.
“The start of [the Government’s] STAREC [stabilization and recovery programme] and the launch of the stabilization and recovery fund are perfect examples of the way in which the United Nations and its international partners work in the DRC in supporting sovereign national authorities for the populations benefit,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative Alan Doss told the launching ceremony in Kinshasa, the capital, last week.
“With the support of donors, like the Netherlands and Belgium, our efforts on the ground will be able to be more effective.”
The Netherlands has donated $2.7 million, while Belgium has pledged at least €6 million for programmes aimed at eliminating sexual violence, in addition to $20 million already allotted from the UN Peacebuilding Fund.
The stabilization and recovery fund’s council announced several projects, including the rehabilitation of former combatants, training for the national army and housing for the families of soldiers, the deployment of national police in strategic zones, support for war wounded and the establishment of business centres in mining zones.