Commercial agriculture supports revamped rural safety plan


The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) was part of consultations and deliberations to make the just relaunched SA Police Service (SAPS) rural safety strategy a reality.

The commercial agriculture representative organisation said in a statement it trusts “all stakeholders and roleplayers will support the plan to promote agricultural safety”.

“TAU has been involved with farm guard structures in rural areas since the early nineties. Co-operation with existing CPF structures and the private security industry confirm constructive participation is the only solution,” Drickus Botha, regional manager TAU North, said. “We encourage law abiding citizens and interested parties to become involved with farm guard and/or community safety structures.”

The efficient structures established by TAU were created in line with SAPS structure and strategy.

“We call on political parties as well as participating organisations and structures to support the strategy. The involvement of independent groups, with the best intent, confuses order and control between participants.

“TAU encourages other organisations involved in rural safety to work with each other. Constant altercations don’t do agricultural safety any good. Organisations should keep to their core business and shy away from criticising the police and the work they do.

“We look forward to hearing the terms ‘community in blue’, ‘agriculture friendly reservist system’ and ‘agricultural safety’ in the broad sense of the concept more and more,” he said.

TAU is committed to the Rural Safety Strategy and as it will promote rural safety if all participants work to keep farmers and farm workers safe and sustainably on the land.