Call for action on cash-in-transit heists


Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Police (PCOP) wants more specialist police units deployed to deal with the current spate of cash-in-transit (CIT) heists and outbreaks of taxi violence.

Chairman Francois Beukman asked this week that the police task team and its Tactical Response Team and National Intervention Unit should be strategically deployed to ensure the increase in taxi violence and CIT heists is dealt with comprehensively.
“Close co-operation and collaboration between the SAPS (SA Police Service) and security companies is also of vital importance.
“The killing of an innocent schoolchild in KwaZulu-Natal in the cross-fire of a botched hijacking is an indication unconventional and extraordinary steps are required from law enforcement agencies to deal with the current situation.”

Beukman wants to see more crime intelligence assets allocated to “those industries being held ransom by a small band of well-armed and resourced criminal syndicates”.

He also pointed out the National Development Plan is “very clear” technology should be optimally used by the police service to effectively deal with crime.