Burkina forces kill suspected Islamist militants in raid


Burkina Faso security forces killed three suspected Islamist militants and arrested another one in an operation in Ouagadougou, its gendarme force said.

A gendarme was killed and four others wounded in fighting in Ouagadougou’s Ragnongo neighbourhood, while a civilian was injured, the force said in a statement.

Ouagadougou has been hit by several Islamist militant attacks in recent years. In March, militants from a Mali-based al Qaeda affiliate killed eight people and wounded dozens in co-ordinated raids on army headquarters and the French embassy.

Burkinabe soldiers and police have come under repeated attack near the borders with Mali and Niger, where militant groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State cross the porous frontiers.

The statement said gendarmes seized AK-47s, pistols, explosives and military clothing during the raid.