Sudan’s north, south armies to check troop build-ups


A joint team from the armies of north and south Sudan will check claims that troops from both sides were massing on the disputed border, a military spokesman said.

A 2005 peace agreement that ended two decades of civil war will culminate in a referendum in January on southern independence which most analysts believe will divide Sudan.

The two armies have accused each other of massing troops in the border area, where much of Sudan’s oil reserves lie, Reuters reports.

Ayuen Alier, a spokesman for the north-south Joint Defence Board, said the six-man team had 10 days from Sunday to complete their work then would deliver their report to each army.

The southern SPLA has criticised the United Nations peacekeeping mission for not investigating the allegations despite being officially informed of violations many times.

The northern ruling National Congress Party had insisted the border be agreed before the January vote. But senior SPLM official Luka Biong said on Wednesday the two sides had agreed on a framework for the border.